Current projects…

The Pollinator Project – a study of Opportunity Makers like me. I’m talking to those with a natural instinct for providing that vital impulse – an introduction that leads to so much more; experience that saves time and effort; knowledge that changes possibilities; wisdom that settles differences; and curiosity that inspires creativity.  Can you support this project? We’re looking for funding to analyse the behaviour of these unsung heroes of progress so we can and publish their brilliant insights. Write to us if you can.  

UK Coworking Assembly – Chair of the company, co-founder and facilitator. I’m helping gather, strengthen and guide the board and a Wisdom Council to work out strategic priorities and find the resources to deliver them.

Research & Support – The links below are regular haunts for sharing learning, actions and support. 

Weaving Lab
Wellbeing Economy Alliance 
New Economic Organisers Network 
Losing Control network
Build back better campaign 
Schumacher Institute 
School for Social Entrepreneurs
Centre for Thriving Places
E Campaigning Forum
Alliance of Sustainability Practitioners
UK Coworking Assembly
Village in the City