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Here’s a list of the blogs on we’ve published to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. As the table cannot be sorted by tags, please use the search function (Ctrl+F) to find the stories you’re looking for. The most frequent tags are: future, economy, wellbeing, strategy, tips, society, leadership.

Mike also occasionally writes for The Innovation and The Startup on Medium too – you can follow him @mikezeidler here.

NB. This page is a work in progress on 21 Oct 20, so more will be added in due course.

Title Tags
Nature’s mindset can save us: Have you tuned into her wisdom? business, experience, nature, science, wisdom
More Energy, less stress – An easy guide to better quality time learing, Open Space Technology, stress, time management, tips
Collaborative Advantage collaboration, collaborative advantage, leadership, strategy
The Achilles Heel of Strong Leadership leadership, politics, strategy, tips
Find your natural talents and see where you belong life lessons, productivity, self, tips, work
15 years ago I made Nature my boss: Here’s what she taught me about running companies community, leadership, learning, nature, work
How I became an accidental coworking pioneer & why coworking affects us all coworking, future, prosperity, this happened to me, values
Recovery or bust – which road will we choose? economy, environment, health, society, wellbeing
Crowd sourcing a better future collaboration, coworking, future, learning, wellbeing
Lessons from great retreats how to really clear the air economy, facilitation, goals, leadership, strategy
This one’s for you… community, culture change, future, music, society
How to treat a side effect of the COVID-19 virus – Anger economy, future, health, society, wellbeing
Today we have a magic wand – let’s use it economy, future, politics, prosperity, virus