Knowledge is Power – So help yourself

Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in success.

Purpose is critical to success because it dictates what you choose to do.
It’s easy to work really hard for a purpose that won’t bring you happiness, prosperity and fulfilment – but not that smart. 

The resources below are here to help you know what you are, how you work, and things you can do to achieve your goals.
I hope you find them useful.

Renowned psychologists Thomas Gilovich & Lee Ross describe the most useful insights from social psychology that can help make you “wise”: wise about why people behave the way they do, and wise about how to use that knowledge in understanding and influencing the people in your life. GoodReads review here.

Mark McKergow & Helen Bailey offer a metaphor of host as leader, and leader as host which is practical and transformational.  Practical skills, tools and ideas engage people at any level from the individual to communities or movements.  The shift from controller to host brings awareness and flexibility that’s transformational. HRreview opinion here

Can the electromagnetic spectrum help us understand our behavour? Mike Zeidler thinks so. The greatest physicists had an interest in arts, culture and philosophy. Seeing a paper called ‘The curvature of Constitutional Space: What lawyers can learn from modern physics’, I wondered how physics plays out in politics and business. Here’s how.

A Bigger Prize by Margaret Heffernan is about competition, why it often doesn’t work, producing more waste than ‘efficiency’. The future belongs to the people and companies who have learned they are greater working together than against one another….but it’s harder than anything they’ve done before.

Charlie Irvine takes people into the challenging territory of differences between people, turning them into great opportunities for development all round. Cash in on Conflict explores assumptions, gets you thinking strategically and prompts a Partnering Attitude that speeds up the process of change.

This book by Sue Hammond is a “translation” of the work of David Cooperrider inviting you to begin a journey of learning about Appreciative Inquiry – the philosophy for change management which assumes it’s best to find what works and build on that. Review from Positive Sharing

This brilliant book by Elizabeth Lank is a ‘must read’ for anyone working in partnerships in my view. I reviewed it here, and give my synopsis of the key points to people as a handout at workshops. The rewards of collaboration are very great, but they don’t come easy…

The byline for The Solutions Focus is ‘making coaching and change simple’ and I’m a big fan. Plenty of people endorse Mark Mckergow & Paul Jackson’s work  with good reason. Top marks for being clear, practical and well written.

The Handbook of Action Research – Hilary Bradbury & Peter Reason

Six Thinking Hats – Edward de Bono

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

This guide provides a practical framework for the design and facilitation of Multi Stakeholder Partnerships working across the boundaries of business, government, civil society and science. Useful for evaluators and people who commission/manage evaluation, it’s got sections on rationale, principles, design, facilitation, and participatory tools.  BetterEvaluation review here

The Purpose of Life

Nature is everything. We are a part of it, not apart from it.   Nature is more than the physical world we can see, it includes our feelings and behaviours too. It defines our horizons, our capabilities, our present and all possible futures.

So we’ve spent a little time trying to get to know how it works, hoping to discover something useful about life’s purpose.  The point of  life, the universe and everything remains a mystery – but the links below help set the scene for every kind of future you can imagine.

If you want to strive for strong, healthy, happy and active ones, have a browse.