Open Space Events

We’re passionate about Open Space, the most practical and engaging way of facilitating purpose driven leadership.   We especially love creating opportunities for groups of smart, energetic, passionate people who want to ‘make a difference’ to come together and help each other on their way.

The Open Space process can bring clarity and advancement to any issue – as long as it’s a real business issue that people care about.   Here are some examples of themes we’ve explored before:

‘Doing Good & Doing Well – how can we help each other rise to the challenge?’
‘Heads Vs Hearts – how can I find the balance?’
‘Attracting Support – how can we encourage others to walk with us?’

Our flagship Open Space event is WalkYourTalk where our intention for the next event is ‘Collaboration and Big System change – how do we draw sufficient strength to pull the biggest levers?’

What would you like to explore? Write to with your suggestions

I owe a personal debt of great gratitude to Harrison Owen and all those who followed him in developing, refining and perfecting the Open Space process. It has transformed my ability to support transformations in others.