Here's our toolkit for building better futures

we’ve all got ’em.  And if you’re not sure about yours, we can use ours to help you find them
As with all superpowers there’s a lot of good Science behind our toolkit

The good news: There are dead simple rules which help us understand really complicated things.
The bad news: Complicated things are still complicated, but at least they’re easier to deal with

Here’s a picture showing how they fit together in a lovely sciency kind of way

Enough with the science - here are the tools

Here are some (but not all) of the ways we help people understand the rules.  The ones which aren’t here are up our sleeve because it would be a shame to spoil the magic.

Natural Talents – this one cuts straight to the chase it’s the M1 to your primary superpower

Character Analysis – There are loads of good tools out there – we favour a few we can play out as games.  It’s more fun that way* and the learning is better.
*100% of all people who want to enjoy themselves do. On average 2% are determined not to, but it still works

The Art of Leading Together – Great set of workshops for mavericks, cats, people who say they want to work together, but don’t, and people who’ve been told they must.

How to make Partnerships work really well – Does what it says on the tin. Builds Collaborative Advantage. Especially good for those thinking about it for the first time

Appreciative Inquiry for Boards – You know that problem where you have to be challenging and hold people to account, but also encouraging and supportive? Not always easy to do.  This helps.

Open Space facilitationWorks best when the work is complex, diversity and passion is high and the time to get it done was yesterday. Trust us, it’s amazing.

Visioning – 4D process is brilliant, it’ll take you to a whole new dimension

Gravity Mapping – A great way of seeing how different goals fit together