Wanted: New Leadership – apply within

            When things go wrong and people are angry, the natural tendency is to look for someone or something to blame.  We hold a public inquiry to make sure we know who’s fault it was, why it went wrong, and to make sure it never happens again. The anger is stoked into a blaze of blame which gets so hot we step back from our own responsibilities.  Instead of looking at ourselves, we glare at the unfortunates tied to the stake while opportunities for useful learning get incinerated. Right now, there’s a scorched clearing where political leadership used to be. We’re all desperately keen to see hope rise from the ashes and need to see something new. Our own public inquiry distilled into two questions – who now? and what could be different?  To see what we found, read the full article here.

In or Out – it’s a question of courage

The EU Referendum COULD have been a fascinating, engaging, participative and educational debate about the relationships of people across Europe. So far, the political debate has been a two dimensional, shallow and emotive competition between two different kinds of fear. So how can we choose if we're feeling under informed, overwhelmed by complexity or simply angry at the poverty of leadership? I think it's a question of personal and collective courage.  Read the full account here.

The art of Cosmic Thinking

Inspired by a great TED talk called 'Inside the mind of a  master procrastinator' by Tim Urban, I've drafted a TED talk of my own.  With the working title 'The Art of Cosmic Thinking', my talk uses sort-of-art to explore super-connective networking and order in chaos. The first dress rehearsal will be at Revolution in Fallowfield, Manchester on Sunday 15th May.  Please arrive at 5.45pm for a 6pm start.

The democracy we deserve

Once the votes are all in around the country today, we should take stock of what brought us here. The electorate has the power to demand (and create) a more constructive and engaging form of politics if we choose.  The leadership challenge is one for all of us to reflect on.  See the full article here.    

SuperBooster Service

Whether you're looking for new direction, starting a venture, scaling up, or dealing with big challenges, our 1:1 sessions will help you to flourish. We support entrepreneurs, executives, activists, inventors, consultants, policy makers and more. Within 1-3 sessions, you'll have what you need. Expose strengths and talents you didn't know you had Sharpen your purpose, vision, priorities and actions Build on what works and find energy to plug the gaps (creative or practical) Get instantly connected to the most useful and relevant contacts Leave with motivation, new skills, confidence and clarity We offer a free assessment of your personal and specific needs. Find out how we can help by booking your 20 minute diagnosis now. E: mike@happycity.org.uk, 07836 706978 Glow Consulting wrote "It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and you did exactly what I thought you would - swoop in and do what needed doing. Really, the work you did yesterday was exemplary and...

Open Space Events

We're passionate about Open Space, the most practical and engaging way of facilitating purpose driven leadership.   We especially love creating opportunities for groups of smart, energetic, passionate people who want to 'make a difference' to come together and help each other on their way. The Open Space process can bring clarity and advancement to any issue - as long as it's a real business issue that people care about.   Here are some examples of themes we've explored before: 'Doing Good & Doing Well - how can we help each other rise to the challenge?' 'Heads Vs Hearts - how can I find the balance?' 'Attracting Support - how can we encourage others to walk with us?' Our flagship Open Space event is WalkYourTalk where our intention for the next event is 'Collaboration and Big System change - how do we draw sufficient strength to pull the biggest levers?' What would you like to explore? Write to mike.zeidler@modoto.co.uk with your suggestions I...