Set yourself, your team, your organisation and your network up right
and shift the odds in favour of success


You are fit and have winning ways – you know your skills and combine brilliantly with others

We help people discover their natural talents, improve skills for collaboration and develop networks of support


You are energised and productive – good at spotting opportunities and solving problems

We help people tap their creative powers and develop mindsets that bring out the best of their positive sides


You have great balance – you’re able to adjust to whatever changes come your way

We help people see the patterns likely to affect them so they can anticipate things and prepare


You’re fulfilled – your purpose is clear and you’re achieving your goals

We help people scan the horizons of ambition to sharpen their clarity of mission and vision

Current Projects

Here are a couple of projects we’re working on right now:

The Pollinator Project

This work looks into the ways people ‘tip’ systems into change. Click on the link for full details

UK Coworking Assembly

We believe we can build a better future together by standing firm on shared values. We’re looking for people who share our vision and ambition help achieve it.

Track Record

modoto was set up as a consultancy in 2003.  Our first ever job was to run a public consultation exploring the possibility of building community facilities powered and funded by a waste to energy plant in the village of Bromham,Wiltshire.

We’ve come a mighty long way since then, helping to co-found the Association of Sustainability Practitioners,  in 2005 and setting up The Hub Bristol in 2006.  In 2010, they created the Centre for Thriving Places  which absorbed most of their energy for the next 10 years. Liz remains  CEO, and Mike is now the non-exec Chair.

Here are a bunch of examples of the kinds of organisations we’ve helped out over the years:


Helped plan, design and deliver an awayday to scan the horizon and create a strategy for the next four years. Case Notes here.

International showcase

Organised and facilitated a week of visits showcasing the best of CSR in the UK for delegates from the Chinese Executive Leadership Academy on behalf of the British Council.

Partnership building

Convened coworking space operators in Bristol to form an informal alliance of peer to peer support. Read A brief History of Funky Spaces here.

Strategic team building

For staff and trustees to: improve understanding of clinical, non-clinical and corporate issues; improve team morale and wellbeing; and to understand/commit to 2017-20 business plan

Long term support

10 years of strategic work here included planning, designing and facilitating large scale public events, workshops, multi-stakeholder meetings and staff/board awaydays

Workshop for Social Enterprise

Produced and delivered participative workshops on partnership working skills and  strategic planning as part of the SSE Climate Action for the Social Economy and Trade Up programmes

Viability Study

Co-produced research into viability and possible futures including stakeholder engagement, business opportunities and recommendations for change management in a project led by Vivid Regeneration.

Crisis Management

An Open Space event to help the team co-produce a fast and strategic response to unprecedented sector change caused by austerity measures. Case Notes here.

International Strategy week

Guided a planning group of 18 people from 7 teams to design a week long retreat. Facilitated the week, managing external speakers,, keeping energy flowing and collating full reports. Case Notes here.

Future Casting

Set and facilitated exercises to explore the core business proposition for a new 3 year Operational Plan with a review of the constitution, finance and impacts

Product Testing

Designed & delivered Smart Meter Focus group testing programme with Head of Household Energy Services at CSE (Ian Preston)

Marketing Brainstorm

An Appreciative Inquiry design to help cross-cultural understanding between different countries and venues. A look at key marketing challenges including target audiences, weather-proofing and practical action for sales.

CEO Support

Creating, guiding, facilitating and sometimes coaching for small groups (3-4) of leaders dealing with loneliness at the top. Short sessions leading to peer to peer support for the long haul.

Business Planning Priorities

Gathering diverse Somali interests together in a forum to facilitate the first steps towards sharing a vision and mission in the community so practical business plans could be laid.

Open Collaboration Events

Open Space events bringing change-makers together to think creatively about the future and how to build it together. Favourite quote – “I love this worky, learny, holiday kind of thing”

Wellbeing Workshop

Accredited trainer for the Happy City Initiative on the 5 Ways of Wellbeing – commissioned by the bank as part of mental health week

Leadership in Healthcare

Supported the facilitation of Compassionate Inclusion Leadership Programme sessions for NHS Thames Valley & Wessex Leadership Academy, designed and led by Added Value Learning

Partnership work for Campaigners

Workshop for campaigners looking to build effective partnerships – delivered online in two parts for the Losing Control Network

Appreciative Inquiry for Boards

Intorductory session on Appreciative Inquiry for Employee Ownership Companies where people are often new to board membership. Guest session in The Eternal Business Programme

Multi stakeholder Call to Action

Planned and facilitated a public Open Space event introducing the Feeding Britain Initiative to Bristol. Explored the potential for collaboration to alleviate hunger/ vulnerability to hunger and commit to collective action.

I’ve served on 15 boards over the past 28+ years, helping organisations think and work strategically to achieve their goals. I do my best work as a non-exec director, facilitator and informal coach.

The running theme in my work is ‘responsible business’. After 10 years directing my focus is firmly on support for a wellbeing economy and organisations that promote flourishing lives on a thriving planet.

I’m especially interested in mutual learning, teamwork, getting stuff done, and making the most of our connected potential.

My special ninja techniques are:

  • Skills for Collaboration: Practical, bite sized ideas, tools and exercises to help people with different ideas work together well
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Great for leadership development and keeping hold of strategy when daily pressures build
  • Open Space facilitation: Brilliant for creating practical solutions from the wisdom of groups

People say I’m an ‘Opportunity Maker’
a pattern seeker involved in different worlds, communicating sweet spots of shared interest to make opportunities for people to accomplish greater things together. 

I’m way richer in connections to diverse people, places and ideas than I am in money – but that’s why I’m good value 🙂

Please Get in touch if you think I can serve you